Message From Leadership

by Nikki Salvatico, GVEA President

Nikki Salvatico

Dear Friends,

My heart is heavy yet not defeated. I know the board voting in favor of the hybrid reopening plan is beyond concerning to many of you, if not most.

I wanted to reach out and acknowledge our disappointment. Many parents have reached out to me or others on our executive board and are supporting us. I want you to know that.

In addition, the GV parents will be surveyed this week to determine their choice as to what they will do with their children regarding the return to school.

Your executive board will continue to work to support you and continue to fight for the safety of our students and all of you.

Please have faith. Please stick together. Please take care of yourself. If you need to talk or need help with anything, reach out to me.

In Solidarity, with Much Gratitude and Faith,

President, Great Valley Education Association