Leadership & Contact Information


President – Nikki Salvatico

Secondary Vice President - Kyle Hess

Elementary Vice President - Lisa Phoenix

Treasurer - Owen Brown 

Secretary – Ann Ortenzi

Co-ordinated Bargaining Chief Negotiator – Jon DeVirgilio

Committee Chairs

Crisis - Donna Gimbel

Grievance – John Gimbel

Communications – Adam Search & Ann Search

Community Outreach - Kim Wickham

Membership – Shawn Whitelock

Multicultural - Don Morabito

Healthcare – John Gimbel

PACE – Shawn Whitelock

Salary - Owen Brown

Sick Bank – Andrea Russell

Wellness – Bern McCauley

Building Reps

*Members please note: we recommend your first point of contact is one of your Building Reps listed below.  They can answer most questions and concerns.  In addition, they can bring your questions/concern to our monthly meetings or put you in touch with the appropriate Officer or Committee Chair as needed.

Great Valley High School

Meredith Beebe, Joe Bradley, Bernard McCauley,
Don Morabito, Jeremy Rudolph, Alex Siwa, Matt Watson

Great Valley Middle School

Jeremy Bergman, Maryellen Byrne, Donna Gimbel,
Laura Mack, Bettina Scibilia

Charlestown Elementary School

Michelle Hanna, Marisa Marchese

General Wayne Elementary School

Dana Brown, Kelly DeMillion, Jill Hughes, Christy Parthemore

K.D. Markley Elementary School

Kristin Keating, Pam Mylonas, Payal Sajeski, Anne Winter

Sugartown Elementary School

Amy Rauscher, Rachel Sortino, Brian Yohannan

Sick Bank Reps

Great Valley High School - Matt Watson

Great Valley Middle School - Jeremy Bergman

Charlestown & Sugartown Elementary - Brooke Abrahams

General Wayne Elementary - Will Shafer

K.D. Markley Elementary - Kristin Keating

General Wayne & Sugartown Elementary - Andrea Russell (Committee Chair)

Community Outreach

Great Valley High School - Bern McCauley

Great Valley Middle School - TBA

Charlestown Elementary - Brooke Abrahams

General Wayne Elementary - Kelly DeMillion, Will Shafer

K.D. Markley Elementary - Amy Wilson

Sugartown Elementary - Amy Rauscher

UniServ Representative

Kelsy Yutko

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